Even though my watchstraps inspired me to open this site, in reality I would like to share three of my passions with you.

Music: I love music! Many kinds of music. Some have called my musical taste "eclectic". I have close to 5000 songs in my iPod, but for now can only share around 20 of them with you on this site. Check out the list on the player on this page, see if anything appeals to you. Click on it to give it a listen while you enjoy my other two passions!

Watches: I have no idea where this came from, but in the past year I have discovered that I love watches! It's insane!! I have to be looking at them, reading about them, buying, selling, trading! My collection is only six months old as I write this, but already I have acquired close to 25 watches since I started! I'm still on the prowl!! Have more coming in already and am about to pull the trigger on even more. Somebody save me!! I need help!! Hope you enjoy them in the slideshow.
Watchstraps: From my love of watches came an intense desire to make leather watchstraps. I very quickly found out I have a knack for designing and crafting them! In addition to making them, I love to provide them to my friends, especially WIS's that share the same passion for watches that I have. I am resisting mightily getting into the business of selling my straps, choosing instead to give them to worthy friends or using them to trade for something else. I am finding that they are good currency to build and enhance goodwill with my fellow WIS's. Read my "ABOUT" page to learn more about my straps and how you may get one. View the Straps slideshow

Again, welcome, I am delighted you stopped by and I sincerely hope you enjoy my music, my watches and my strap creations. --Johnny